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TomoJ: new tools for electron tomography

Description: Provides methods for automatic and manual aligment of tomographic series, tilt axis computation and 3 dimentional reconstruction methods (WBP, ART, SIRT)
Installation: (see the manual for more informations)
1) Download and Install ImageJ.
2) Download Tomoj.jar (version 2.31 updated the 19/10/2015).
3) put it in the plugin directory of ImageJ folder.
4) Download U759_InputOutput.jar to the plugin directory of ImageJ folder to open/save MRC, Spider and sel file.
Please cite TomoJ in your scientific papers as:

BMC Bioinformatics. 2007 Aug 6;8:288.
TomoJ: tomography software for three-dimensional reconstruction in transmission electron microscopy.
Messaoudi C, Boudier T, Sanchez Sorzano CO, Marco S.

If you use the alignment with landmarks please cite also:

BMC Bioinformatics. 2009 Apr 27;10:124.
Marker-free image registration of electron tomography tilt-series.
Sorzano CO, Messaoudi C, Eibauer M, Bilbao-Castro JR, Hegerl R, Nickell S, Marco S, Carazo JM.

Manual: Download manual.pdf
Tutorial: Download tutorial.pdf / Pyrodictium abyssi cell strain TAG11.tif (copyright of Stephan Nickell)
Version Changes:  Download ChangeLog.txt.

Contact : tomoj@curie.fr